What a year 2018 has been. A mixture of both good and bad things happened this year, including keeping up with writing on this very site – I think that’s definitely a highlight.

Sadly my year’s internship with Siemens ended in September, but I had the most awesome nine months with them in 2018. I went to many different events, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed (read about that HERE), The London Press Club Awards where we sponsored an award and I met money man Martin Lewis and lots of other cool travel opportunities.

I also launched a new podcast this year, called Amy Talks. I got to interview lots of interesting people, including ITV News’ James Mates and Lucas from ITV’s Transformation Street as you can see in the collage above. See all the episodes I’ve made HERE.

Life was pretty good in 2018. I went on quite a few holidays this year, to Orlando in February, Madrid in May and Glasgow in September. I had a great time in all three places, exploring different city landmarks in Madrid and Glasgow and exploring theme parks in Orlando. In October I passed my driving test, so now I’m driving around everywhere – it’s so liberating!

In the latter part of this year I’ve just been searching and applying for jobs, with a couple of interviews that I haven’t been successful with and some I’m still waiting for feedback on. I’ve also got a couple of interviews scheduled for next year, so hopefully will have a new job by the end of January 2019 🤞🏻

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about my 2018. I’ve had an amazing year and can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for me.

A K Jones

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